Just a guy living in the world sharing quality time with a few good friends.

A little bit about me… I am 30!! as of March 23…. you can figure the year.
I am Native American and part of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

This picture is from the Save the Mounds Rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

The reason for this website was for Music Monday with my friend Lara.

Lara lives on the Ontario/Manitoba, Canada/Minnesota border she lives in the Northern Angle Inlet, Mn.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.55.54 PM


We try to stay connected and this is how we do it. We share songs and hopefully one day… one day I’ll be able to make it up north and go for a visit.

Click on the Music Monday tab and follow along
feel free to leave comments and such if you please…

Please keep in mind we do not own rights to any of these videos, and we are just sharing them because we just love music that much.


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