Helpful Hints

Guiding moments

  1. Take a deep breath
    1. Recall the moments of the day breathing in
    2. Get ready to exhale, don’t hold your breathe
    3. Relax and exhale
      1. Let your shoulders relax
      2. Repeat for other areas of body
    4. Repeat deep breathes until you feel at ease, completely



Opening up

Something plenty of people have trouble with is opening up. Take a moment by yourself to open up to yourself. Allow yourself to feel, maybe you’re not ready to feel the emotions yourself. If you’re not able to open up to yourself in the beginning, allow yourself to get to know yourself first.


Self image

We all can say what type of person we are, do we really have the complete image of our “self.” Can we really say that we know who we are?

“We know who we are” and “we know who we want to be.” What if there is a part of you that you’re not taking account of? What if there is someone in you that either pushes your limits, takes things for granted, tries to distract you from the image you perceive yourself to be?

We can internalize much of who we are and also take accountability for a “minor mishap,” but yet again we have to remember that we are that person as well.

Start with the person you see yourself to be, remember the word “basic.” Set the characteristics on this person, the image we ourselves see us to be. Now step back, set that person aside. Take aside and now reflect on the person you were today, the last 24 hours. Let’s recall the day and find those characteristics and see how we compare from the person we viewed ourselves to be. Let this image be the “recent” you.

Let’s take that person/image a step further. Take that image of “recent” you and set it next to the image of your “basic” you. Now create another figure, another person that resembles you. During the day, there may be times when something was done out of character. Add these instances to this character, the “outlier” moments. Remember that thing you did today that surprised you. This may have been something wild that you said, something that caught you off guard, something that slipped out of your mouth. Feel free to break this into two molds, one “fun” you and another “outlier” you. This you may not show up as much of a main characteristic, but it is to be made mention of.

The purpose of this is to reflect on the image of the person that we are, that we are trying to become, or the person who is “us.”

Now that the “fun” and “outlier” you, and add them to the collection of the molds we made. So we have the “fun”, “outlier”, “recent”, and “basic” molds, the last thing we have to do is put them all together. So start with the “basic” mold, take a few moments to fuse with the “recent” you. Can probably guess what is next, add in the other two. Remember to take time to really remember what we are trying to achieve, a “complete” reflection, an internalization of a more complete you.







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