Quality Tunes for Tuesday

So, besides sharing the occasional memes… The music for today is pretty chill. School just started back up, one class started a week early, so let’s see how long I can keep this going.

When life stresses you out, try to clear your head. Remember you can only handle one issue at a time; so knock each one out at a reasonable manner, that is a “reasonable manner” for you.

Lara’s pick:   Leftover Cuties- You Are My Sunshine

My pick:   Ava Max – Torn

Track for the Night


Good listen. I have been absent for so long. Forgot all about this. Dermot Kennedy is good stuff and an even better listen.

With so much going on recently, losing my aunt and trying to keep on keeping on. I will hopefully remember to share music here more often. My friend and I still share music, but recently has been so fast pace.

Remember to always have room in the day for yourself and to take appreciation for what you have. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, clear your mind. Appreciate just Being.